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The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – Eleanor


Eleanor started out as a rusted old 1967 Ford Mustang fastback. Restoration was carried out in the USA and took under 1 year. The process involved stripping the car completely of all removable parts such as the engine and interior until all that remains is a bare shell. The car shell then undergoes media blasting to strip off all the paint and reveal the metal work.
Any metal work that needs to be replaced is done at this stage. After this the car is sent to the bodyshop to have a body kit installed. This is a lengthy process and requires great skill as the body kits are made of fibre glass and need someone to shape them around the car nicely.


After the body kit has been installed and moulded around the car it goes to the paint shop. This is the most important step in building these cars because if the paint work is not perfect then it has a terrible effect on the cars appearance. After the paint shop it’s off to the assembly shop where the car gets put back together ie the engine, interior, wiring etc. When assembly is done the car is test driven and checked thoroughly.

The process is a long one but the results are definitely worth the wait!


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